Be Your Own Hero.


Wow, how much I can relate to this image is scary.
I had some stuff come up this week that threw me on my ass and made me realise that the way I worded things can actually hurt someone if they are read out of context.
Even though what you wrote may not have been what you meant it to come off as, you don’t know how that person is feeling or thinking or is going to interpret that message and in the end it’s not really what you think you wrote that matters it’s what they think that matters.
You may of hurt that person by being too raw and getting too caught up in your feelings. That person may be feeling more than they are showing and just that one text is enough to take them go over the edge.
Please think about that the next time you go to tap send, please remember that the person behind that screen has feelings too and even though you’re struggling they may be struggling battles of their own.
Just leave it until you’re in person and they can hear your tone and see your facial expressions so you can explain yourself properly without their being any miscommunication.

In the end everyone is busy being their own heroes and I need to remember this for everyone is busy fighting there own battles and now it is time for me to stop expecting people who are doing everything they can to keep themselves alive to stop and help me fight mine.

It’s time to raise my shield, sharpen my swords and be my own hero for a change.

To the person I hurt with my words i am truly sorry.



Hey guys!

I feel like i owe you all an apology because i was meant to of been writing daily blogs about the small steps i have done each day and keeping you up to date with my lactose free and wheat free diet and i haven’t!

I have no excuse for why i haven’t been writing them other then i have just been too lazy to even do the steps, my life has literally consisted of bad food and laying in bed binge watching tv series on Netflix. I just haven’t had the motivation to do much of anything lately! I have however am still going strong with the lactose free diet which seems to be working great, i no longer wake up feeling sick as a dog except on rare occasions now.

My panic disorder has decreased which has been fantastic! I have been thinking of things to do to get out more where a couple of months ago i would dread even thinking about going outside. I have decided that i am going to take a creative writing course next month and possibly attend a visual arts course next year if i am still feeling upto it.

I have to change my anti depresents soon which is something i am so not looking forward to! I am currently on Zoloft and Seroquel but have been told that because i don’t have schizophrenia that i am unable to claim the Seroquel on PBS anymore, Why i could before i have no idea! This really sucks because this combo has been doing wonders for me and now i have to change it all up. I am thinking of trying Mirtazapine because it has the tiredness side effect like Seroquel but it also helps with other conditions like Zoloft does in terms of OCD, Depression, Aniexty, PTSD, Panic Disorder etc. Plus it has no nasty sexual side effects which is definitely a thumbs up for me.

I have decided that instead of writing a blog everyday about my small steps i am going to write a big blog once a week on my achievements and how my mental health and diet is going. So if you would like to stick around for that please feel free to subscribe! Also if anyone has tried Mirtazapine for OCD, aniexty and panic disorders let me know how you went in the comments below.

Until then, take care and thanks for reading. 🙂