I have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.

Hello Everyone!
There have been a few changes in my life since my last update on life, a couple of days ago I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.
What this means is that my ovaries have cysts or follicles on my ovaries that rarely grow to maturity or produce eggs capable of being fertilised.
This in return can cause heavy or no periods, exessive hair growth on the face, neck, toes etc, pain with intercourse, abdominal pain, infertility, Insulin Resistance, acne, aniexty and depression and can cause the person to become overweight with little to no achievement of losing weight.

Finally after 5 years of battling with unexpected pain in my abdomen and with intercourse, on and off horrible cystic acne, insulin resistance, weight gain that doesn’t shift and kept going up, a weird period cycle and  4 different doctors, 3 different Gynecologists and 4 internal ultrasounds later I have been diagnosed!
You don’t understand how much of a relief that is to me.
I had been told that it was all in my head and because of suffering with OCD and aniexty it was easier for people to assume that it was all in my head.

The reason that my ultrasound didn’t pick up the cysts was because I was on the contraceptive pill but my left ovary was coming back as bulky. So my doctor asked me to stop taking the pill for a few months and then repeat the ultrasound. 
I almost gave up, I put off doing the ultrasound for months thinking it wasn’t important and that it would just come back like it always did with me having a bulky ovary but when I finally did get it done this time it was different, I had 13 cysts instead of the normal 8 and I finally went home with the diagnosis I knew I had all along Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.

It wasn’t in anyway a good diagnosis but finally being told what I had suspected for years took so much pressure off my shoulders.

Everything started to make sense, you see from the moment I started my period at age 11 I started to gain weight, I started to get sick around the time of period and also experienced heavy periods and also had times were I would have prolonged bleeding that I would have to take medicine for to stop. I started to become depressed and later on in life became extremely anxious and panicky. I also developed Insulin Resistance and cystic acne.

When diagnosed with Insulin Resistance I was put on Metformin which funnily enough is one of the medications that treats Polycystic Ovary Syndrome to help people fall pregnant and help other nasty side effects of PCOS.
I have further testing to do by an Endocrinologist for my hormones and once that is done I will return to taking the contraceptive pill to help keep my period and pain in check.

Diet and exercise is an important part of treating and keeping your PCOS at bay so I will be looking into a low carb diet and some good excercise programs for people suffering with PCOS.

I have also been on Seroquel for my OCD dark thoughts which has also caused me to gain a massive 12 pounds and eat like an hippo! 
So I am currently slowly coming off it so I can have the best chance of losing weight and keeping it off for good!

If I keep taking Seroquel I would only be self savotaging myself.

In place of the Seroquel I will be taking a medication called Gabapentin which is a medication for nerve pain but can also be used off label for aniexty which I had used previously and it worked well.
I have found this new found confidence since being diagnosed too, I hadn’t been looking after myself and couldn’t be bothered dulling myself up because I thought I was just this fat girl that couldn’t lose weight so what was the point?
Yesterday I spontaneously decided to straighten my hair something I hadn’t done in a while and as I looked into the mirror I suddenly noticed this beautiful girl looking back at me and realised that even with the weight gain with just a little bit of effort I could be beautiful regardless.

I’ll keep you all updated in my future with PCOS and how I go with my dieting and excercise plans.
I hope this post has encouraged people having health problems not to give up, your diagnosis might be closer then you think!
Stay strong until another post,

 – Rach. ❤



Hey guys!

I feel like i owe you all an apology because i was meant to of been writing daily blogs about the small steps i have done each day and keeping you up to date with my lactose free and wheat free diet and i haven’t!

I have no excuse for why i haven’t been writing them other then i have just been too lazy to even do the steps, my life has literally consisted of bad food and laying in bed binge watching tv series on Netflix. I just haven’t had the motivation to do much of anything lately! I have however am still going strong with the lactose free diet which seems to be working great, i no longer wake up feeling sick as a dog except on rare occasions now.

My panic disorder has decreased which has been fantastic! I have been thinking of things to do to get out more where a couple of months ago i would dread even thinking about going outside. I have decided that i am going to take a creative writing course next month and possibly attend a visual arts course next year if i am still feeling upto it.

I have to change my anti depresents soon which is something i am so not looking forward to! I am currently on Zoloft and Seroquel but have been told that because i don’t have schizophrenia that i am unable to claim the Seroquel on PBS anymore, Why i could before i have no idea! This really sucks because this combo has been doing wonders for me and now i have to change it all up. I am thinking of trying Mirtazapine because it has the tiredness side effect like Seroquel but it also helps with other conditions like Zoloft does in terms of OCD, Depression, Aniexty, PTSD, Panic Disorder etc. Plus it has no nasty sexual side effects which is definitely a thumbs up for me.

I have decided that instead of writing a blog everyday about my small steps i am going to write a big blog once a week on my achievements and how my mental health and diet is going. So if you would like to stick around for that please feel free to subscribe! Also if anyone has tried Mirtazapine for OCD, aniexty and panic disorders let me know how you went in the comments below.

Until then, take care and thanks for reading. 🙂