Freak Show & Bohemian Themed Photo Shoot.

Behind the scenes of the Freak Show shoot.

Yesterday at 4 pm I finished editing my first actual legit 2 photo shoots, the theme for the 2 photo shoots were  Freak Show where I had to take photos of a really creepy and dark but fantastic clown and two beautiful Bohemian hair styled girls.
The girls were all made up and had their hair done by the TAFE student hairdressers and we were paired to a hairdresser and her model.
Once that was done we were to talk with our client and get an idea of what they wanted there photos to look like making sure that the hair was the main focus in the picture.
We were also given our own brief and assessment on what we had to do when taking the photos – we were to pick 8-12 photos of the best shots we took, edit the photos to the best of our ability and present the photos to the hairdresser clients on a CD disk.

For my first shoot I was paired with Kate her model’s name was Nova and her theme was Freak Show, I spoke with her and got an idea of what she wanted.
Kate wanted the pictures to be creepy and dark but also put emphasis on the hair style she had performed.
I remember first meeting Nova, she was all done up in her outfit and her hair and make up had been done, I remember thinking to myself holy shit she looked creepy but also thinking how cool and amazing her photos were going to look and doubted myself that i could do the photos justice.
When it came time to shoot I was very nervous but as soon as I started shooting I didn’t stop, something came over me and I just got into some sort of zone and focused only on taking the photos and what angles I should shoot them from to get the best possible picture.
Nova absolutely worked the camera like she had been a professional model her whole life, her body was so flexible and bent to every creepy angle and curve it could, she made my job almost too easy.

Here are the photos of the shoot.

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It was an experience I will never forget and I am in love with how good the photos came out and couldn’t be anymore proud of myself.

After the Freak Show themed photo shoot came the Bohemian themed shoot, this shoot couldn’t be anymore different to the Freak Show shoot.
The two lovely girls I photographed were named Indie and Victoria (Indie first and Victoria second.) Their stylist names were Jordia and Chelsea.
The photo shoot was taken in a studio setting with glamour lighting, the girls looked beautiful and elegant and again I feared I wouldn’t be able to do their photos any justice.

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Once again I was delighted with how the photos turned out after I had gone through them, picked the best ones and done some slight editing to the photos to emphasis the hair.

The best thing I learnt from this shoot was that it is okay to doubt yourself, hell it might even be a great thing because in the end you just might surprise yourself.

Thank you to Kate, Nova, Indie, Victoria, Jordia and Chelsea for trusting me to take these photos for them, allowing me to write a blog about the experience and giving consent for me to share there photos I took of them with you all.

Until next week – Rach. ❤



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