Dear K – Remember me?

I wrote this poem a week or so ago about my bestfriend i had a falling out with’s Mother.
Her and her Family were like extended Family to me, we even spent Christmas together last year with her Family and mine.
Her Sisters were like my Sisters and her Mum was like a second Mum to me so when we had a falling out and everyone shout me out and deleted me i felt a lot of betrayal and anger especially towards G’s Mum.

The names have been changed to there initials for privacy reasons.

Remember me? I was the one who was invited into your home with smiles and arms wide open.

Remember me? I was the smart edged girl with a dark past who had a dream.

Remember me? I listened to your every desire and dream.

Remember me? I brought you a butterfly key chain for your Birthday.

Remember me? I dated your daughter and made her laugh and smile.

Remember me? I met your Family and let most of them melt my heart.

Remember me? I stayed with G and comforted her whilst you were on work trips.

Remember me? I went to G’s appointments when you couldn’t be there.

Remember me? Laying at the REM doctors blunky arm chairs while G got tested for something you couldn’t even open your mind to see?

Remember me? Chasing after B in the street when she cried.

Remember me? I told you about a place best for G to go.

Remember me? Picking up G when she needed me.

Remember me? When i left your house every week with a broken heart.

Remember me? I got so lost i almost drowned.

Remember me? I threw up for weeks.

Remember me? You cuddled me when i needed be.

Remember me? When he left i wiped away your sorrow.

Remember me? When i hugged you so tight whilst you cried and burrowed.

Remember me? I started to get new ambitions.

Remember me? I started to stand.

Remember me? I know you can!

Remember me? It wasn’t that long ago!

Remember me? I have feelings too.

Remember me? You were like another Mother to me don’t you know?

Remember me because i was there, there’s no denying those days of despair.

Remember me, you said i was Family.

Remember me, or do you not? I must not of been that important i just must of not.


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