A Little Love Blog.


I’ve never written a love blog without it being sad, for some reason i feel like i can only write well if i am depressed or having an episode of panic or ocd.

Recently i re met a guy from School whom i have grown to adore greatly and we are now officially dating. – This one is for you babe.

As i lay here in my bed i listen to all the words rushing through my head. I go over and over our last embrace the warmth of your skin brushing upon my face. Your lips so soft which make mine quiver the smell of your cologne left on my bed sheets. As i lay here i imagine you and i, how we will be after awhile. When the Honeymoon period is over and we go back to being us will you still long for me like i long for us?
Will you still see me the way i see you? Will you still love me? I know I’ll always love you!
It feels like i have known you for entirety when i close my eyes i can see a little you and i.
Running around in clothes painted blue I’m thinking we could maybe have a Family of two.
I want you to be the one i always come too, whenever i am feeling blue. So you can hug me and calm me and tell me it’s alright, i know i can trust you, i know this feeling is right.
You are the one they talk about in the books ‘the happily ever after’ the ways and the looks.
Although we live a fair distance away know that i think about you every single day.
Please tell me you feel these things too?

Believe me when i say this,

I am in love with you!


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