Welcome Back!


Hey everyone! It’s Rach i know it has been months and months since i posted a blog and i was sitting here going through my old blogs and decided to update you all on my ocd/panic journey.

It is with great delight that i can inform you guys that i am doing SO much better!
My medication has been changed to 50mg of Seroquel each night and 40mg of Lexapro and to be completely honest with you guys i couldn’t feel better!
I haven’t experienced a full on panic attack like i used to in months!!!!
I have been seeing a new Psychologist who has been helping me tackle my pure OCD thoughts and panic head on and that plus the right medication has been doing absolute wonders for me!
Yeah i still have my sad times and i still may panic and get stuck in and OCD loop but they aren’t nearly as bad as what i was going through when i first started writing to you all on here!
I am wanting to document my Phycologist techquies and help people out who maybe struggling like i was so please subscribe and keep a close eye on this space! Thank you all for sticking by me whilst i fought out this tough period in my life!
I thought it would kill me before i got through this but guess what i am still alive and i am stronger then ever!


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