What do they care? There over there and your here in a bed that feels too big. In a puddle of your own tears. Is that what you in visioned? A life where your not here and you live for others? This life is what makes me shutter. There is no other, no one quite like you. You asked me to stay but you knew what I’d do. How can you think that was a good plan? What did you think my heart would just be able to stand? All alone in this room what the hell is wrong with you!? I feel like a prisoner in my own mind the thoughts are strong and i think there all mine. One day it might just be too late and everything you had might just incinerate right before your eyes, i want you to know I’ve felt that i want you to know how it lies. Guess who will be here for you in the end? Stupid me because i can’t pretend, i will stand by you until the very end. So dig me a grave because when you die i am coming to, believe me when i say this, i can’t live without you. When someone loves you so much it hurts and they try to stay around and be happy and watch you with her, know that is love right there that is something you can’t buy so be careful with your words because your killing my insides. Would it be good if i just dropped down and died? Make it a lot easier on all of us wouldn’t it? You say you like my poems but i bet you hate this one.


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