Jealousy Is A Curse.

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I know the saying “jealousy is a curse” but i can’t deny that every time i see you two together i want to burst, into a million pieces on the floor. My jealously is like fire burning in my chest and head it’s deadly like a snake but red and beautiful like a sunset. Everything about it from the outside seems sweet and calm but when you look in deeper it’s like being dragged into hell all around. Burning, stinging the devil has it’s way he controls your emotions and makes you feel insane. It’s like you have no say in what you feel or do, this overwelming feeling of anger and jealously controls and consumes you. Rage, anger, bittersweet this feeling i feel i won’t let it be defeat, i won’t let the devil take my hand and drag me in too deep. I am stronger then this feeling it’s true, i will not let it be what controls you. This is not what will keep our friendship tight, time to say goodbye to that jealous mind that whispears to you those dark black lies. I won’t let this jealousy get the better of me.


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