Lactose free and wheat free for a month.

So last week i saw my doctor and after intensive tests we have come to terms with the idea that i have Irritable Bowel Syndrome and with my doctor and dietitians recommendations i am going wheat and lactose free for a month while following the FODMAP diet to see if this changes my digestive problems.

If there is no change then i will have to try a Gluten Free diet for a month to see if that improves anything, i have gone gluten free once before and i do remember feeling a lot better on it but the diet is so bland and i got so bored of it, i really missed having a Big Mac with the bun but if it makes me feel better then i guess i have to weigh up the pros with the cons. I have had the blood test for Celiacs Disease and it has come back negative, but i still could be gluten intolerant which is pretty much having an allergy to gluten but it doesn’t attack your intestines like it does with Celiacs Disease it just makes you feel really sick.

Anyways yesterday i went out and brought some lactose free ice cream, milk, sorbet, and yogurt and have just started having that instead of the lactose kind. The best thing is they ALL taste exactly the same as the lactose kind maybe even better! Instead of having bread i have been using rice crackers and it has been pretty good so far.

I brought an app on the android store called ‘The Monash Uni Low FODMAP Diet’ it cost about $10 and i was really skeptical about buying it because of the price, but boy i am glad i did! It has so much useful information on it and goes by the Traffic Light System technique, green advises you it is safe to eat, yellow advises you can eat it but in moderation and red advises you to avoid that particular food. I will link the app below so you guys can check it out!

I will let you know how i go as the weeks go on.

If you end up buying the FODMAP app let me know what you think of it.


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