Today and yesterdays steps.

I read online that there is such a thing called ‘cold water therapy’ for panic attacks, the article suggests that when experiencing panic or fear after you have cleaned yourself with warm water to turn the water onto cold. First exposing your wrists to the cold water then literally put your whole body in the water for 2 or 3 minutes. The article also suggest using a cold gel back on your neck at the start of your spin and after a few minutes you will start to feel calmer, there is also a cold bath suggestion but as i don’t have a bath at home this doesn’t apply to me. If you would like to check out the article and get the instructions on the cold bath therapy i will link the article below.

So this brings me back to yesterdays step.


I kind of took two steps yesterday, i went out and brought a cold gel pack from the chemist to try out the cold gel pack therapy. Then later on that day i started to experience some panic so i put my swimmers on and stood in the shower i did what was instructed in the article and exposed my wrists to the cold water and then i literally just jumped in and let me tell you, the panic left alright i was bloody freezing! Which is great because now i have a new technique under my belt for when i can’t calm down, i won’t lie it wasn’t pleasant at all but it defiantly took my mind off the panic i was feeling. Later that day i was still feeling a little bit stressed so i used the cold gel pack and it did seem to calm me down.

So today’s step was a little bit different it was more focused on my obsessive compulsive disorder then my panic disorder. I went for my daily walk, the walk goes for about 30 minutes including leaving my house and walking down to the park i walk around. The walk all around the park alone takes 20 minutes and silly me i left the house and forgot my water bottle, i thought to myself i could walk back and get it but the sun was going down fast and i wanted to get back before dark so i kept walking. By the time i got half way around the park i was defiantly needing a drink, my eyes came across a a water bubbler and i actually had the thought “i need to use that water bubbler”, something i never would come to think about with my ocd brain because of germs. Guess what? I drank out that damn bubbler and i survived to blog you guys about it! That is a huge step for me!

Anyways there are my two small steps i did yesterday and today, until tomorrow talk soon.


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