Today’s Step.

As promised i am back online tonight to tell you what my step was today to improve my life and fight my panic attacks, here it is.

Today i went to my second Codependent Anonymous Group, why this is a step this week is because last week i didn’t think i would go back i judged the group harshly and thought that i could help myself by reading Codependent self help books and learn more about it. I realised that the road to recovery for Codependency isn’t that easy and you need to be able to be with people who are also struggling with codependency and to be able to share and reflect your achievements or struggles.

I knew i had to give it a second chance before i bailed though because i believe everything deserves a second chance and after tonight i know i will be going back to future group meetings, i need as much help as i can to recover from my codependent ways.

So that’s today’s step.

wpid-20150909_205720_001-1.jpgwpid-20150909_205732-1.jpg wpid-20150909_205739-1-1.jpg


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