Panic Attack.

Right now i feel like i took a massive step too fast and it is coming back on me and overwhelming me ten fold and i am panicking, and every bad, stupid, shitty thought is racing through my head and it’s on repeat in a loop. I have all these unanswered questions that come up when i feel like this, questions that shouldn’t bother me but they are right now! This is too overwhelming and too much! I feel like vomiting and crying and screaming and dying all at the same time! How the hell am i meant to get through this? Who am i kidding!? I thought i was okay with this i thought i would be okay but it is absolutely killing me seeing and reading things that i couldn’t and now i can and it’s driving me insane! I just wish everything was okay, i wish i could jump over this hurdle and everything just be normal and how it should be not this shit fear, panic, anxiety, ocd crap!

I want to be happy!

I want to have a life!

I want to feel normal!

I want to be accepting of what i cannot change!

I want to smile without the pain!

I want to be able to love again!

I want to be able to stop the pain!

I want to not care anymore!

I want to forgive!

I want to live!

I want to be fearless!

But i can’t.


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