Do something small everyday and document it.

Panic attack icon design isolated on white. Mental health disorder symbol concept
Panic attack icon design isolated on white. Mental health disorder symbol concept

So as you guys may already know if you have read my ‘Why do i have codependency?’ blog i suffer from panic disorder, so bad so that it literally has stopped me in my tracks i am absolutely terrified of them. If you would like me to write a blog about what happens for me during a panic attack let me know in the comments below.

Anyways i went to a new physiologist for the first time yesterday and she recommend that i start doing things slowly to get back out and into life, It only has to be one thing a day and to document what i do. Since i just started a blog i thought it would be helpful for you and i to document them through here so that’s what i have decided to do. I will start with yesterdays step/achievement i say achievement because it was a MASSIVE thing for me to do.


So as you know i am very codependent on my ex girlfriend so much so that i use to not be able to get by without speaking to her at least six times a day via the phone or text, text alone wasn’t really that effective because if she didn’t answer i would panic and ring her anyways. So from calling six times a day down to three times and then get this yesterday i only called her twice, TWICE! That is huge for someone struggling with codependency and obsessive compulsive disorder, MASSIVE! Some people disregard how hard it is to break an obsession, an obsession alone is hard to break but for someone who is also suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder, codependency and panic disorder it seems almost impossible! But guess what i did it and i feel amazing that i was able to do it when a couple of weeks ago it seemed near close to impossible!

So i will be posting one of these blogs everyday so if your interested in following me in my recovery please subscribe and join me on my journey. Some days will be good and some days not so good if i don’t manage to do anything one day please keep subscribed because i will be back, i am determined not to let this take over my life anymore!

P.S i am going to write what step i took today later tonight so keep your eyes out for that.Thanks for reading guys.



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