The Dead Files.


For any of you out there that are interested in watching paranormal television shows i have decided to dedicate today’s blog about the show that i have been completely obsessed with these couple of weeks.

It’s called ‘The Dead Files’ and it is about a Physical Medium named Amy Allan and a Homicide Detective named Steve DiSchiavi in each episode they conduct separate investigations on the family that have called in for help normally to do with strange paranormal activity occurring in there home/work/business. They don’t bring there findings together until the very end at the reveal.

Steve DiSchiavi interviews the family and any witnesses involving the case and back tracks back to the early years of the house or land to find out what the history is and if it has anything to do with what maybe causing the paranormal events.

Amy Allan and her camera man Matthew Anderson conduct inside investigations at night and Amy will make contact with any dead within the building and try to get an understanding as to why the spirits have yet to of moved on and why they are still in there death place.

At the end both Amy Allan and Steve DiSchiavi come together with the family and reveal there findings to each other and see what the connections are with what Amy has seen and what Steve has uncovered within the history of the place. Amy will normally have a police sketch artist draw a sketch of the things or people she has come into contact with and they mostly match up with the real pictures that Steve has found. Amy then suggests what the family should do next whether they can fix the problem or they will have to move house, normally there is a solution and the families get to stay in there homes without any further paranormal activity taking place.

Even though i have been totally and udderly obsessed with this show there are things done within the show that cause me to become a skeptic about it.

It’s almost as if they try to make out like Matthew Anderson is the only one filming the stuff that is going down with Amy Allan but in a lot of the scenes you will see him filming her which obviously means that there is indeed a camera crew.

Another thing that makes me question if the show is real or just for pretend entertainment purposes is that Matthew Anderson never encounters the paranormal activity he just goes with the idea that Amy sees it all and asks her questions about “what the entities are doing?” “what colour are the entities?” “Can they hurt the living?” “What do they want?” etc which leads me to believe he never actually witnesses the paranormal which is odd because if other normal living people can see and hear the entities then why can’t he see it too?

Also there is never any video footage of the paranormal which confuses me because i feel like if it were real you would catch SOMETHING even if it be by mistake on camera.

Furthermore i really do enjoy this show and if you forget about the unanswered questions the show can be a real entertainer for those who are interested in paranormal television shows.

What do you guys think? If you watch the show leave me your thoughts in the comments below.


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