Bestfriends forever what do you say?


When i met you i felt so complete but now your gone i feel as though i have to compete. Against this girl that you like to call your own. Why are you so happy while I’m all alone? Alone in a room where noone can sleep my head feels heavy my legs are weak. Why do i have to keep being strong? When deep inside it all feels so wrong. Why do i have to watch it all take place and if i don’t want to i look like a head case? I look like the bad one who has done wrong. When the truth is i love you and i want to be strong. Seeing you with her just might break me, do you understand that it might be deadly? To see you happy with her by your side, damnit we were happy you could of atleast tried! Tried harder to see us through but you gave up, you didn’t like being true. It hurts like fire in my chest you expect me to move on and be happy but I’m just a fucking mess. Putting back the pieces of my broken heart, the sides are sharp they cut like glass. You will always be my very bestfriend it’s just going to be hard to pretend when i love you more then a friend. In my heart you will always stay, you took a piece of me when you decided to walk away, forever with you that piece will stay. Bestfriends forever what do you say?


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