Dear Rachael.



I’m writing you this to remind you that you are NOT allowed to give up! This is your logic thoughts speaking and i am telling you now i have seen you go through absolute hell and back and you survived! You are a strong individual and you will not let a break up break you! You have survived serve depression, bullying, OCD and your dad dying suddenly, you will not let this break you! This is not the end! Life goes on and you will feel better again. You will find yourself again, you will be you again! This anxiety will not win! You are strong, you are independent, you don’t need anyone to complete you! You will find what you love in life and you will succeed and be happy again. You will have children with the one that was made for you, everything will come together i assure you! You just need to be strong and not give up! 

This is an entry from my diary i wrote when i was feeling like i was coming to the end of my rope, i decided to tie a knot at the end and hold on! I hope you enjoy the readings of my mind.


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